A Warm Hello

Hey! I see you've stumbled upon my blog, terrific! Since I caught your attention, let me pontificate upon at length about the qualities I have. Still here? Excellent.

Who am I?

I am a 18-year old, male, from India. I love anything everything related to computers, IT, and technology in general. For the past couple of years, I have written web applications, designed numerous websites and architected (is that even a word?) several backends.

The not so interesting part: Studied IB at The Doon School and currently, I am a freshman at the University of Washington, Seattle trying to cope up with Computer Science on the pre-science track.

Why this blog?

So, while building these apps and whatnot, more often than not, I come across several things which frustrate me. In this blog, I will try to "uncomplicate" everything which I find pissing off, and hopefully, you'll thank me. :D

What are you doing currently?

For starters I am interviewing myself. I just lost all my credibility, didn't I? But on a more serious note, I am working on my own startup (more details to follow) and researching in esoteric protocols for unbiased voting and conensus resolution[^2]

I need help with something you might know; what to do?

Ah! I am a really friendly guy. Or so what I believe. Hit me up on my email, contact me via my website and I assure you, I'll try to do everything I can to make sure that your query is resolved (any MySQL programmers here?)